Closet Organization Ideas: Utilizing Closet Accessories

Tired of foraging through your closet for a buried clothing item? Rediscovering a new shirt that you forgot simply because you couldn’t see it? Maybe closet accessories is what you need.  Unfortunately, for most people, these problems are all too common, and it’s because their closet space is not designed in a way that works for them.

Great ways to use closet accessories

Fortunately, with the right closet accessories, you can transform your closet into a functional space that fits your lifestyle while maintaining space for all your closet basics in one convenient and optimized location. Here are some of the best ways to accessorize your closet using closet accessories.

1. Jewelry Organizer

Adding a jewelry organizer to your space is a great way to avoid tangles, lost pieces, and other common problems. As a bonus, jewelry organizers are small and compact, allowing you to make the most of the space that you have.

Jewelry organizer.

2. Rotating Shoe Rack

Ready to turn that pile of shoes at the back of your closet into a functional, organized collection? With a rotating shoe rack, you’ll have a space for each shoe and the ability to easily reach for them.

shoe rack.

3. Pants Rack

Tired of messy stacks of pants shoved on your closet shelves or in dresser drawers? Figuring out a functional way to store pants is a common problem in many closet spaces; however, a pants rack provides the perfect solution for keeping each pair of pants visible, neat, and easy to access with perfectly spaced bars. The best part? Our pants rack is extendable, making it easy to pull out the rack when you’re looking for a pair of pants and quickly storable when you’re finished.

pants rack.

4. Belt Rack

As another MVP of your wardrobe, your belts deserve a spot of their own. Make it easy to reach for the belt you need in a pinch with a belt rack. Belt racks make the most of horizontal space by hanging each belt by the buckle in a neat, straight line.

belt rack.

5. Tie Rack

Similar to belts, ties are another area of closets that could benefit from using closet accessories. Most tie racks either don’t fit enough ties or fail to keep the ties securely in place. However, with a tie rack from The Closet Center, securely hanging your ties while maximizing space is easy.

tie rack.

6. Pull Down Rod

One of the best ways to maximize your closet space is by incorporating a pull-down rod. No more reaching through a sea of shirts on hangers to reach the back of your closet, and no need to struggle to look through high-hanging clothing items. With a pull-down rod, you can easily adjust the height of the rod to sort through its contents or make it easier to reach the items behind it.

pull down rod.

Transform Your Closet Space Today

If your current closet setup simply isn’t functional, it’s time for a change. To learn more about these accessories and more organizing solutions, reach out to The Closet Center today for a free consultation. At The Closet Center, we’ve been offering custom storage solutions for over two decades, and we’re here to turn your messy closet into a space that fits you perfectly.

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