At The Closet Center, we pride ourselves in making our customers’ unique ideas come to life. For over 23 years, The Closet Center has led the industry in providing storage solutions and concepts to our thousands of customers.

If you’re looking to create a new closet from scratch, redo your current closet design or even add additional custom shelving or storage space to your existing closet, the experts at The Closet Center are here to help.

We all know the struggle of waking up every morning ready to start the day, only to walk into your closet to find your clothes and accessories everywhere. At The Closet Center, our friendly team of professionals are customer focused and offer a personal touch. No matter the space or storage issue you are experiencing, our team is here to help.

At The Closet Center, when we say we offer custom services, we truly mean it. Some companies say that they are custom, but when it comes time for the design, you find out that they are not truly custom. Our knowledgeable designers, fabricators and installers have been with us for over 20 years. We fabricate everything in house, no shipping the materials to outsourced fabricators.

Since we keep everything in house, we offer fast estimates and installation times for all of our customers, as well as competitive prices.

When you are searching for a custom closet and storage company, do not hesitate to contact the experienced professionals at The Closet Center. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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